2 things will give you endless happiness

what motivate me to be happy everyday ? and how to be happy in a life full of struggles , pain and negativity ?

In a big period in my life I used to wake up every day with difficulty.. pessimistic…literally there was nothing in my life to wake up for…I count the days and seconds from the boredom and emptiness…I look at everything around me and find negativity, pessimism, and resignation. I find all the people around me submissive and do not have the strength (who lives in Lebanon understands what I mean) … I wanted to change something inside me… i wanted to change my life.. change my whole life, but I always argued that I had nothing to start with .. I was reincarnated The victim’s personality … but one day , I said FUCK IT !!
And I got up…
I took off that role and decided to be a survivor..a survivor from everything that happening …and here my thoughts changed..and this made me pay attention to the many things I am grateful for and which I have to wake up for every day… and that’s what brought me happiness …

What motivate me to be happy ?

1. First “my goal that will change my life ”:

Determine your goal that you want.. the goal that will make your life the life you dream of.. it does not have to be a clear goal, or a big goal that makes you a great person.. the important thing is to make you happy.. happiness is the most important thing in life..

For example, me..when I wake up every day..and remember my current goal..which is to get out of this country and build the life I want for myself..I can no longer stay on the bed..the excitement for my new life is too great..you have to get excited too.. and start…

When you take off the victim’s clothes.. you will be sure that there is no time… there is no time for sadness.. to whine… for arguments.. to sleep even.. you will run every day to achieve the goal that will transform your life into the life that you want…
You have to think about it.. the time you waste in depression and complaining and sadness and resentment with your life that you hate, it will not change anything… anything at all… but will only get worse every day… so why you do !!!
Sometimes we need to play the role of the victim for a while because it is really real feelings.. but you have to get rid of this role as soon as possible and do not play it.. it does not bring you caring .. but only attention..
Remember!! the people who love you will always care about you, not just when you are sad.

2. Secondly: “gratitude”:

Gratitude made me a happier person even though I am in an environment and a country full of sadness.. gratitude for the blessings that I have..as my family..my friends … although they are few , they are among the things I am most grateful for.. God’s constant help to me ..hope..the hope that exists wherever we are … My good health… Dad… My chance to live this life full of beautiful things… and much more ..
This will make you feel comfortable because you’ll find yourself blessed .. you will not feel forgotten…

If you want to know the things to be grateful for in your life, here is what I do:
Write on a sheet of paper all the good things in your life..don’t forget anything..even the obvious things like your eyes , like your ability to read this article now..your ability to walk..All these are missed by many people ..
Read what you wrote every day.. It does not matter when, but the important thing is that you read it.. so that it is firmly rooted in your subconscious.. It is also important to add to your list of blessings whenever you notice a new blessing in your life..

you’ll not be dissatisfied with life after those steps..

i really wish you a beautiful life , with my big love !!




Expressing my random thoughts here .. follow me 🦋🤍

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Expressing my random thoughts here .. follow me 🦋🤍

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